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Disinfection and sterilization in Perugia, Foligno, Bastia Umbra, Marsciano and Assisi, are carried out with great skill and professionalism by the staff of the Speedy Cleaning Company.
To carry out the disinfection operations, after a thorough cleaning carried out with the aid of machinery, the staff provides for the use of disinfectant products.
The operation involves the use of specific chemical detergents depending on the pathogen to be eliminated. The last phase of the process consists in eliminating all traces of the disinfectant used.
This environmental sanitation service is particularly suitable in environments subject to hosting a large number of people, even in health conditions details, such as rest homes, schools, kindergartens and prisons, but also in public offices, banks, gyms, sports centers, hotels.

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The disinfections and sterilizations in Perugia are carried out with specific equipment, such as atomizers, sprayers and micro-sprayers: these equipments make it possible to eliminate mites, bacteria, fungi, moulds, viruses and any other organism capable of causing an infection or a disease.
In realities where the presence of people suffering from diseases can be high, it is of fundamental importance to eliminate contamination, this is why the company intervenes to sanitize every environment and professional equipment by eliminating any type of alien living form.

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