Chimney cleaning

Periodic cleaning interventions

The Speedy Cleaning Company offers its customers an efficient fireplace cleaning service in Perugia, Foligno, Bastia Umbra, Marsciano and Assisi, operating with innovative and reliable instruments, in order to offer a rapid service and maximum cleanliness, both of the flue and of the surrounding environment.
The cleaning of the flue of the fireplace must be carried out periodically by specialized personnel equipped with specific equipment, to maintain the optimal state of the 'plant.

Chimney sweep service

Targeted interventions...

To ensure correct combustion and adequate safety in the rooms where the fireplace is installed, periodic cleaning is necessary.
Using cutting-edge and safe tools, interventions from the roof are no longer necessary, but precise operations are carried out lasting a maximum of one hour.
For an impeccable chimney sweep service, the staff of the Speedy Cleaning Company is always ready to offer a punctual free inspection, useful for drawing up a detailed quote without obligation.

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