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One of the many complete and personalized services offered by the Speedy Cleaning Company is the treatment of stoneware floors in Perugia, Foligno, Bastia Umbra, Marsciano and Assisi, carried out by a qualified staff, through the use of the most modern equipment and specific products for the treatment of all types of flooring.
Cleaning operations are agreed with great flexibility, meeting every need expressed by customers, also stipulating periodic cleaning contracts, with offices, industries, professional studios and public bodies.

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If on the one hand robustness and versatility have brought porcelain stoneware into our homes, on the other hand new finishing techniques are making it necessary to pay particular attention to the initial cleaning and maintenance of these surfaces. For this reason, the company carries out an acid wash immediately after installation, in the case of metallized stoneware it is important to carry out a test of resistance to acid substances. The treatment of stoneware floors in Perugia includes the removal of all types of stains, the application of specific anti-dirt protectors for stoneware, the use of innovative and highly effective products to keep the floors clean and shining for a long time.

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