Specific floors

Metallic wax, oils and water repellents

It is necessary, even if sporadically, to carry out specific operations to increase the resistance of concrete floors. In these cases, the Speedy Cleaning Company is available to carry out quartz treatments in Perugia, Foligno, Bastia Umbra, Marsciano and Assisi. The interventions carried out are carried out through the use of metallized wax, specific oils and water repellents which give greater resistance but at the same time respect the particular quartz surfaces.

Delicate treatments for every furniture

Qualified team for each intervention

Concrete floors, in addition to industrial premises, are also used in garages, cellars, offices, shops and sports areas, which is why the company, after carrying out the intervention, is also able to perform thorough cleaning of the environment by offering the customer a complete service.
The interventions quartz treatments in Perugia, are carried out by specialized technicians and with the help of specific machinery , also paying particular attention to individual protection, guaranteeing safe, rapid and long-lasting operations.

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