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Professional sanitizing products

The staff who collaborate with the Speedy Cleaning Company carry out cleaning of apartments in Perugia, Foligno, Bastia Umbra, Marsciano and Assisi: in addition to daily dusting, sweeping and washing of floors, glass and furnishings, the professionals take care of the more specific cleaning necessary, for example, during the change of season, to wash glass windows, shutters and blinds.
Another important service provided are the cleaning at the end of the construction site: the first cleaning of a new accommodation, or that necessary following a renovation, is of fundamental importance to allow the correct hygienic conditions of the environment to be re-established.

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Historic company in the cleaning branch since 1999

The cleaning of apartments in Perugia is carried out with non-aggressive, high-quality products that respect the environment and people.
The staff is adequately trained and regularly updated, as are the machinery for more specific cleaning, always in step with the latest industry news.
The use of professional and certified machinery and products, not only are able to clean thoroughly, but also sanitize and disinfect the environment in question.

The company is also available for condominium cleaning including the maintenance and sanitation of rooms and common areas such as stairs, entrances, landings and basements.
Over twenty years of experience, the use of machinery and professional products, the highly specialized staff are the perfect mix to make the Speedy Cleaning Company a leader in the sector, operating throughout the province of Perugia and in particular in the municipalities of Foligno, Bastia Umbra, Marsciano and Assisi.

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