Chimney cleaning

Maintenance interventions

For the cleaning of flues in Perugia, Foligno, Bastia Umbra, Marsciano and Assisi, companies and individuals turn to the experience and professionalism of the Speedy Cleaning Company.
Whether it's fireplaces, wood-burning ovens, stoves or boilers, the flue is an element on which the functioning and safety of the entire system depend.
There are some signs that allow you to understand when it is necessary to carry out a flue cleaning: stagnation of smell of smoke, the fall of soot when the regulation damper is closed, the presence of the same on the hearth floor or smoke in the room.

Ordinary and extraordinary cleaning interventions

Analysis and inspection

It is important to schedule periodic maintenance interventions on the flues to check the conditions and carry out meticulous cleaning.
The skill of the staff and the latest generation tools allow the company to operate on flues of all shapes and sizes, from the older models to the more modern ones.
The interventions are carried out after an accurate analysis carried out by the staff during a completely free inspection, in which an estimate is drawn up according to the type of system.

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